At Ankom Enterprises, we help accelerate the production of industrial equipment and components. With our wide range of services and products, we hope to meet the growing needs for connected hardware whilst encouraging machinery and legacy equipment with custom parts.

We offer a wide range of injection molding solutions for industrial manufacturing units. Through our support, it is possible for generating a variety of components. It is our vast experience and expertise in molding, tooling, and engineering that give us the lead in generating hundreds of components that also serve as a broad platform of experience for all your requirements.

As a part of the deal, we offer you a service wherein our engineers will understand your part designs and concepts for the injection molding processes. As a procedure, our experts will try understanding part geometry as it ensures moldability. In a way, this procedure also ensures conformance to product design guidelines that have been well established for cost-effective manufacturing and optimal part performance.

Steel, tooling design and build-to specification will be considered for engineering the planned volumes, total project budget, and part characteristics. Engineering takes into consideration a lot of things like post-molding operations, the capital cost of the tool, assembly of parts, and cost-effective ways for producing the product.

Our teams across engineering and manufacturing divisions will assist your team in assembling, decoration, and packaging the products for retail sales or private label distribution. Our vast experience in providing injection molding products for industrial applications means customers can benefit from performing in challenging chemical, mechanical, and harsh environment.